Stagnation and how it affects the body.

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Question #1 

What do I need to do to heal because my body has many different issues going on.

Answer to Question #1

I hear your frustration in your question and how you ask to heal your body from the many health challenges your dealing with right now.  Thank you for allowing me on your healing journey , I learn so much each and every time.  I look forward to sharing the insights spirit had to say about your question.  Your question was broad so spirit gave a very broad answer.  I asked further questions to help give more specifics to your questions. 

So right off the back when I asked your question, " What do I need to do to heal because my body has many different issues going on?"  

Spirit showed me areas in which your body is accumulating stress.  With the main objective being to reduce stress.  After further investigation - Spirit showed me the different areas that tension, stagnation and stress are stored which challenges the overall flow of Qi (Energy).

We are born with a certain amount of Qi.  Typically we are born with an even distribution of Qi.  When we are in a stressful situation we have a biological tendency to self soothe by tightening up particular areas of our bodies.  We do this biologically to protect ourselves.  Depending what area you feel like is in danger will be the area you tighten up. 

Think of the body as having channels of water all over. The water being the energy/qi.   In general for us to feel balance all channels should have a free flow of water.  When we self soothe it's like creating a dam in that particular area.  One side of the dam will have more water and the other side will have less.  Depending on how many areas have these dam's , and how often we are stressed, determine the excess and deficiencies that is being created.  

The main areas of excess energy in your body:

1. Upper Lungs

2.  Vertebrae C7 / Acupuncture point DU 14 ( Da Zhu ) 

3.  Hip Flexors

4.  Radial Artery 

1. Upper Lungs

Spirit showed a tendency to shallow breathe.  Creating a massive amount of tension around the collarbone and neck.  I was shown the lungs with the energy of constriction from the shallow breathing. 

Spirit Recommendation :

  • Deep Breathing Exercises. There are a variety of deep breathing exercises.  Do the one which you are drawn to.  The idea is to learn to breathe from the bottom of the lung on a regular basis. This will relieve the tension in your upper respiratory area.  

2. Vertebrae C7/DU 14

Spirit showed a build up of repressed emotional energy in Vertebrae C7.  This area in Eastern Medicine/ Chinese Medicine is called DU 14.  Another name for this area is the " Sea of Qi ".  It is used in chinese medicine as a wake up call.  This point has connection to every organ and so has the power to help the mind recognize the old patterns it is holding onto. When this point is stagnant it blocks the flow of energy above and below. It's a point often check when there are cold/flu like symptoms because this area is vitally important for balance of upper respiratory challenges.   Physically , you can see or feel a mound or hump on the back of the neck.  Depending the level of repressed old thoughts, patterns and emotions - will determine the size of the hump.   I was personally happy to see this area needing attention because of question mentioning mult challenges.  This one area alone can create multiple challenges if left unaddressed. 

Spirit Recommendations :

  • Acupressure DU 14

    To stimulate the point, gently press with the pad of your finger and rub the point in a clockwise direction for about 2-4 minutes (about 100-300 times). You will want to begin to feel a slight warm sensation at the point. Do this morning and evening.

    Here’s how to find the points:


    Da Zhui (DU14) – located on the spine at the back of the neck and in the depression of the seventh cervical spinous process. It can be found while in a seated position with the head dropped forward. The most prominent vertebrae that can be touched on the neck is the seventh cervical vertebrae, and the depression under the seventh cervical vertebrae is DU14 acupoint. 

  • Acupuncture - Have a professional acupuncturist stimulate the area with a needle. 
  • Cupping - Cup the area , recommend stationary cupping therapy.  Leave the cup over the area.  If your not sure what cupping therapy is .  I made a free intro to cupping class. Click this link and it will take you to it.  Intro to Cupping on Learn it Live.
  • Energy healing.   -   There are many Energy healing modalities find the one that calls to you.  Let me know if you would like recommendations - I can give you my list of my preferred providers.  Energy healing works great to help disperse and remove the buildup of block emotional energy. 

3. Hip Flexors

Front hip flexors were shown.  This area is interesting to me because I often see it on women. Spirit showed this area is stagnant due to creating physical stagnation.  A lot of people men and women but more so women trap a lot of emotions in this area.  The lower jiao ( under the belly button ) is a very powerful area for all genders.  Guarding it can be easier then stepping into our full power. Embracing our female or male essence.   Take notice of the vulnerability felt when this area is relaxed and fully nurtured.  Embrace your power. 

Spirit Recommendations:

4. Radial Artery 

I was shown stagnation about 4 inches above both wrist on the radial artery line.  This stagnation was challenging how the hands get rid of cellular debri.  Every cell in the body sheds and we have different ways of carrying out our cellular debri.  One area it collects is in between the webbing of our hands and feet.  The debri can be useful.  Collecting and distributing out as hair and nails.  ( Side note - When I first was scanning a blank female silhouette in my minds eye , spirit wanted me to mention that you have very nice energy to your hair.  - It's a bit different to see that kind of compliment but if it was shown, I feel the need to mention it ) .

Spirit Recommendations:

Supplementation ( I only give recommendations on the standard process supplement line because it is the brand I trust and know ) 


More information :  Below you will see Grey and light blue areas.  The grey matches the energy of excess.  The light blue matches the energy of deficiency.  To assist with balancing out the energy - its best to stretch the areas in grey and do light strength training for areas in blue. Other then the toes of course.  On the toes it was showing the energy that matches circulation.  When the areas of the legs that are in grey are stretched - the toes will be supplied with more flow of energy.  

  • The yellow / orange seen above the head is where your energy comes in.  This indicates where your esoteric body is the thinnest and easiest for spirit to talk to you.  I typically see this like yours ( above the head ) , to the sides of the head, or behind the neck.  
  • Your hands in the front glowed with green healing energy and from the back glowed with yellow creative energy.  

The main take away is that spirit showed to bring the balance you are seeking it would be good to consider recognizing how you are perceiving the world.  Meaning how are you viewing your day to day conversations, environment, relationships?  Do you recognize when you tense up?  Do you recognize the triggers that make the body feel unsafe to where it needs to self soothe?  Spirit would like you to ask yourself these questions.  It is the recognition that is everything.  When you recognize your patterns is when you have the choice to relax or tense up.  Spirit is here to help guide you.  There is no judgement.  They want you to have the life of your own design.  Depending on what you asked for in the day , Spirit will help guide you in that direction.  Pay attention to what your focus is on. Spirit sees life as a fun creation of our design.  They don't feel bad for us when we are in pain or going through something challenging.  They are cheering you on for taking on those lessons.  They are waiting to assist you in your life path. They send you so much love and support all along the way.  Spirit is so proud of you for simply waking up this morning.  There is nothing you have to do or say for them to love and adore you.  You are simply incredible. 

It is has been an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for allowing me on your journey and for being apart of mine.  



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