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Question #1 - Please ask a ONE Direct Question you would like Spirit to Answer.

"I have dealt with chronic fatigue for over 20 years with no answers. I don’t know the cause. What can I do to make this better?"

 I was shown a few layers to your chronic fatigue.  I typically scan from the head down. 

  1. Eyes
  2. Thyroid - DU 14 
  3. Stagnation in pulmonary artery
  4. lower jiao dampness 


1. Bilateral ( Both ) Eyes

I was shown the energy pattern of focused intensity and drive within you.  Determination to say the very least. I hear your question and desire to find answers. Spirit shows regardless of the physical condition of chronic fatigue that your own bright light, determination and drive keep you going in life.  Spirit also showed me a past life of yours in which you draw from in this lifetime.  They showed me a past life of yours in which you were a fighting warrior with fierce determination and drive.  This is a lifetime you draw from to help you get through chronic fatigue.  Pretty Epic.   Sometimes with past lives you identify so much with that lifetime that you bring in the pain and suffering from that lifetime as well.  This is not the case with you.  You are simply utilizing the strength , determination, and drive when you were this fierce warrior.  If you can imagine fighting while experiencing battle wounds you would need to cultivate a lot of perseverance.    Since all life is happening at once.  You are tapping into that time frame.   

Getting back to the eyes.  There is a bit of physical intensity / strain in the eyes.  I was shown the excessive energy placed on the eye because the qi is not flowing as abundant to the area of the eye so there is a need to strain vision. 

Spirit Recommendations:

  • Small Humidifier for desk, bed or where you watch tv.  This will help the eye stay hydrated. 
    • This is an amazon affiliate link - I am using this as an example.  Spirit does not have a preference on humidifier.
  •  Cold and Warm compress - especially at night.  I was shown night time being more helpful than morning.  Both Cold and Warm Compress.
  • Essential Oil Compress - Utilizing the warm and cold compress and adding Camomile and Lavender organic essential oil to the compress.
  • Tea Bags - Camomile or Lavender 
  • Cucumbers - ( I had to ask Spirit about good ol' cucumbers on the eyes ) Yes, indeed cucumbers will help with your eye strain as well. 


2. Thyroid / DU 14

While doing your scan the thyroid came up with the energy of sluggish activity.  This made sense to me considering thyroid is part of your endocrine system and a very common culprit with fatigue.  It got more intriguing as I was doing your scan because Spirit referred me to directly behind your neck in the area of Cervical Vertebrae 7 ( C7) .  Which is an acupuncture point called DU 14.  This has been a popular spot this month.  DU 14 was stagnant.  This area of C7 was shown to be minimizing the energy to your thyroid.  In other words spirit was explaining -  a chiropractor I would say the C7 needs adjusted to decompress the cervical vertebrae.  In Eastern Medicine , Massage, acupuncture , or acupuncture to move the stagnation freeing the energy back up to your thyroid. 

I asked a series of questions after and found out the root cause is not your thyroid but the stagnation in DU14 / C7 vertebra.  Your thyroid is healthy just not receiving the proper nourishment. 

Next , Spirit showed me your circulation in your neck. 

Due to the C7 vertebra being stagnant its not allowing the blood to properly flow through the neck and face.  The thyroid is not getting the proper nutrition and the eyes are strained as well. 

A little more on DU 14: 

This area in Eastern Medicine/ Chinese Medicine is called DU 14.  Another name for this area is the " Sea of Qi ".  It is used in chinese medicine as a wake up call.  This point has connection to every organ and so has the power to help the mind recognize the old patterns it is holding onto. When this point is stagnant it blocks the flow of energy above and below. It's a point often check when there are cold/flu like symptoms because this area is vitally important for balance of upper respiratory challenges.   Physically , you can see or feel a mound or hump on the back of the neck.  Depending the level of repressed old thoughts, patterns and emotions - will determine the size of the hump.   I was personally happy to see this area needing attention because of question mentioning mult challenges.  This one area alone can create multiple challenges if left unaddressed. 

Spirit Recommendations :

  • Acupressure DU 14

    To stimulate the point, gently press with the pad of your finger and rub the point in a clockwise direction for about 2-4 minutes (about 100-300 times). You will want to begin to feel a slight warm sensation at the point. Do this morning and evening.

    Here’s how to find the points:


    Da Zhui (DU14) – located on the spine at the back of the neck and in the depression of the seventh cervical spinous process. It can be found while in a seated position with the head dropped forward. The most prominent vertebrae that can be touched on the neck is the seventh cervical vertebrae, and the depression under the seventh cervical vertebrae is DU14 acupoint. 

  • Acupuncture - Have a professional acupuncturist stimulate the area with a needle. 
  • Cupping - Cup the area , recommend stationary cupping therapy.  Leave the cup over the area.  If your not sure what cupping therapy is .  I made a free intro to cupping class. Click this link and it will take you to it.  Intro to Cupping on Learn it Live.
  • Massage - Everywhere of course - but pay extra attention to the back of neck. 
  • Chiropractor - Consider Receiving adjustments to your cervical vertebra.
  • I asked about energy healing because this is a great place to utilize energy healing.  Spirit said this was a physical condition not so much an esoteric condition so the balance you are seeking was recommended to have hands on healing of some sort. Adjustments, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping. 
  • No supplements because for your thyroid it is a physical challenge not a chemical or nutritional.  

3. Stagnation in pulmonary artery

After seeing the circulation of the neck I looked at the rest of the circulation of the body with looked good.  I investigated the heart more thoroughly just because it's the hub of circulation.  Spirit showed the heart being healthy and the only stagnation being in the pulmonary artery section.  Spirit showed it referencing back to your neck indicating that it's not a heart challenge but a neck challenge.  So if you can imagine over time not getting the proper circulation/nutrition to and through the neck how it can bring about fatigue.  Again, your healthy. 

4. Lower Jiao Dampness 

The lower jiao in chinese medicine is the area below the umbilicus.  As I was scanning your body I was brought to this area.  It was shown to have a heavy , sluggish energy.  An energy that matches candida.  With further investigation I found the root cause to be stagnation and diet.  Meaning in general the lower body is requiring more movement to achieve the balance you are seeking.  It was expressed that your body is challenged with cold foods, sugary foods, and flour products.  This is pretty typical with this matching energy.  Cold foods, sugary foods, and flour products have energy of slowly the body and body functions down for your body. I was shown the imagine of quicksand or like a really sticky muddy ground. 


Spirit Recommendations:

In Summary :

From what spirit showed me you are very healthy.  It appears over time with the stagnation blocking the flow of energy to your thyroid it had a layering effect. I can see why if you were to do blood test it would show the thyroid being fine because it's not the functioning of the thyroid.  Spirit does mention this is something you asked for in this lifetime as well. As we talked about many lifetimes you were very robust and physically active and in this lifetime you get to learn more about the body and what effects it.  You choose to learn about different modalities and ways of healing. The energy of different foods. Spirit downloaded me with so much that you learned and are learning in this lifetime.  They are here supporting and loving on you all along the way.  The fact you choose to ask this question means spirit is working with you to find the balance you are seeking.  Keep listening to your intuition - that is spirit guiding you to the destination you are seeking. 

Thank you for allowing me on your healing journey.  Thank you for people apart of mine.  It has been an honor , a privilege and a pleasure to work with you. 



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