How Spirit Sees the Appendix

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Question #1 

Why does my body seem to have a directly opposite reaction to medications and some supplements?

Question #2 

What will help me specifically with the pain from inflammation in my feet and finger joints?

Question # 3 

What can I do specifically to reverse the damage done in my fingers, toes and knee joints?

Question #4 

At one time I was told I didn’t have any gut bacteria (either the “good” kind or the “bad). How is that looking now?

Question # 5 

Is there anything specific I need to do for kidney support at this time?



Why does my body seem to have a directly opposite reaction to medications and some supplements?

Thank you for the opportunity to consult with spirit to answer these very interesting questions.   

I had to ask a lot of questions within this question because I was getting two different responses. First , that the energy of your immune system is overactive which we will get into more with you other questions. Second, there is a thought pattern that doesn't support the manifestation of what the drug, supplement will do in your body. Which is cool because it shows what a powerful manifestor you are but at the same time , I hear the frustration of the contraindications with the medications & supplements.  This is why I was struggling with getting to the bottom of it because spirit was saying its not that the medications & supplements would not work but there is an opposing belief behind them that makes the energy of the substance coherent in your body.  

Spirit shows me a visual of you as a baby watching what appears to be your mother take supplements/medication when you were younger and her having an adverse reaction to it. Seeing and hearing this as a young child made a direct bee line to your psyche and hypnotised you in a sense. 

Spirit explains this is why the same substance in food is fine but when it comes it appearing anything like a tablet, pill, tincture your energy shuts down and it makes it a challenging form of benefit. 

Spirit Recommendations  

  1. Ask yourself before consuming a supplement/medication, " What are my beliefs within taking this supplement".
  • If there is an answer that makes your body feel tight or restricted... Keep talking through your thoughts until your body feels open and receptive to whatever it is that you are going to consume.  At first this can be time consuming but you will notice as time goes on it gets easier and easier.  You will recognize your subconscious thoughts right away. 


What will help me specifically with the pain from inflammation in my feet and finger joints? What can I do specifically to reverse the damage done in my fingers, toes and knee joints? At one time I was told I didn’t have any gut bacteria (either the “good” kind or the “bad). How is that looking now?

I love when I hear the word , "specifically ".  I too want to know what specifically will help.  As I settled in and scanned the body your hands did show however not your feet.  With your question I do hear the frustration you are challenged with the feet and asked further questions.  I was show a stagnant emotional blockage right above the ankle.  

Interesting right?  This radiating energy always means something esoteric. I was shown you as a little girl hurting your leg.  It was a moment of feeling scared because in your mind no one was around to help you.  There is an emotional blockage in this area now which prevents the free flow of qi down to your right foot.  Since our legs are in close proximity to each other the energy even stagnents your left side.   

There is also a few blockages in your meridians of your foot , unrelated to the emotional blockage. We will get into with spirit recommendations. 

Going back to your hands this is in relation to the energy that matches autoimmune, a few areas within the meridian lines that are stagnant but overall your root cause of discomfort is not in the hands themselves but within the organ system. 

The hands and the feet are not correlated to the same root. 

The energy of the tonsils and the lymphatic going behind bilateral ( both ) ears are also helping you address the autoimmune of your hands.  The root is within the organ system more specifically your appendix, sigmoid colon and right kidney.  

With kidneys I typically see the adrenals being challenged.  This is not the case with you. Your endocrine system was not shown.  Your left kidney looks free and clear as well.  The energy of your right kidney was shown to not be working as well as it could ( we will get into more detail later on because it does not involve autoimmune with your hands/feet ).

Thank you for this question because I learned so much about how spirit sees the appendix.  The appendix is not often talked about in either eastern or western medicine. Spirit speaks highly of the appendix and looks forward to shedding light on this valuable organ.  They are thanking you for the opportunity.  

Spirit was explaining that everything in the body has a purpose otherwise we wouldn't be born with it. Our body was designed masterfully and we do have all tools and knowledge within each of us to understand how to intuitively navigate and heal our system.  Even though no challenge within the appendix is the same , it still has the same functionality for everyone.  Spirit explains the appendix is a reserve of bacteria.  Imagine a back up refrigerator of food.  Typically, Throughout our life we use up and replace the food on a regular basis.  However imagine if the food in the refrigerator was not properly sealed.  Or the temperature in refrigerator was not properly working.  The food would go bad and would no longer serve its purpose. 

This is how spirit is answering your question.  They showed me the energy of your appendix is not inflamed but holding onto so much unused nutrients. It is very full but not being properly utilized by your system.  Typically , when the body goes through a bout of anything that kills bacteria , your appendix is there to repopulate the area.  There is a disconnect in this.   I continued to ask questions - I am just as curious as you are.  Sometimes the appendix is inflamed, damp , swampy like.  Spirit was not showing this is not the case for you.  You have a good storage to be utilized but at the moment it's shown the whole appendix to be in the dark. Before getting into more detail , I want to share the about the sigmoid colon. 

The sigmoid colon is not working as well as it could be.  There was shown to be a back up.  The sigmoid not emptying into the rectum.  The sigmoid was shown to be holding onto more than it needs to be. The primary job of the sigmoid is to act as a holding chamber for fecal matter until it can be moved out of your body.  I was shown the sigmoid layer to be dry.  Spirit shows me the appendix supporting the mucus layers of the colon in general and when it's not there bacteria ( aka leaky gut ) is able to more easily leach into the bloodstream.   Wow, spirit , thank you for that insight.  I need to say that again.  The job of the appendix is also to help keep the mucosal layer of the colon strong to help defend against bad bacteria. In the sigmoid colon the mucosal layer is needed to help guide the fecal matter out of the sigmoid colon into the rectum and out as a bowel movement.  

To bring this back around - the autoimmune challenge is rooted in the appendix not replenishing the good bacteria as well as it could which prevents the formation of mucosal layers of the colon.  The colon specifically sigmoid in your case does not have as strong of a barrier which allows the fecal matter to be reabsorbed by the body ( leaky gut ) creating an autoimmune challenge, which effects the joints of your hands.  Your hands will calcify to protect the bacteria from breaking it down the bone. The bacteria will inflame the tissues. 

 Side note : If the body has gone through a bout of diarrhea or some other virus or infection that wipes out the good/bad bacteria of the body and your appendix replenishes the system with good bacteria.  It is important to make sure when replenishing the body after a bout of illness with good nutrition filled with phytonutrients and other building blocks to replensing the good bacteria in the appendix.  If say , you have an illness and instead you replenishing the body with poor quality, low vibration , low nutrient food then the appendix environment will resemble a swamp.  A stagnant, damp, reservoir that will get inflamed and create pain.  Spirit explains that is one reason why appendicitis  occurs and people end up removing their appendix.  Instead of the appendix being the lush replenishing garden of good bacteria it gets inflamed with unhelpful substances that if leaked into the system can cause challenges.  This is not your case but an explanation of appendicitis that spirit shared.   

Spirit Recommendations :

First Question I asked to Spirit - " What can be done to allow the appendix to work more efficiently for Misty?" 

At the base of the cecum where the appendix attaches all three of the taeniae to the appendix.  The energy of your appendix lies roughly around the paracecal position ( it was the closest I could find to where yours lies ) . Research has suggested this is one of the more rare position of the appendix. I am shown this position is getting pinned, choked off the flow of bacteria into the cecum/colon. This is not a set position and can be moved with some encouragement.

  1. Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Physical Therapy.
    • A variety of lower body yoga positions on a regular basis to help massage the lower organs and hips will naturally bring the appendix to a new position. 
    • Acupuncture/Acupressure recommended on a few points for you specifically
      • ST 36 
      • EX-LE7 (Lanweixue)
      • LI11 
      • ST 37
      • LI 4 
      • Ren 4 - 7
      • St 26-28
      • Ex point ( zigong)
      • HT 5-7 - (for proximal hand stagnation )
      • LU 7 & 9 - (for proximal hand stagnation) 
      • LV 2 -for feet
      • GB 41- for feet
      • Sp 6 - for feet 
      • Sp 9 & 10 for knees
    • I asked about other modalities and physical therapy was mentioned.   
  2. Supplement : was not shown to be needed until the position of the appendix was changed. Then the supplements will be more well received.  Because the bacteria is not flowing as well as it could there might be a feeling of nausea when taking probiotics and other things that flourish your appendix.  
  3. Diet : Pro and prebiotics were not recommended because spirit explained what would end up in your intestines would be metabolized.  Supplements work best to flourish the Appendix, then the appendix will keep them in storage until needed, seems like supplemental pill form of pro and prebiotics of an indirect form with flourishing the digest tract which the appendix needs to be utilized. .  Fermented foods work best when the appendix is not working as well as it could.  It would be recommended to eat these foods on a daily basis until the energy of the appendix is working more optimally. 
  •  I went through a list of fermented foods with spirit and here are the top 3 for YOU.
    • 1st - Kimchi  
    • 2nd - Miso 
    • 3rd - Kefir
    • At the bottom was probiotic yogurt



Is there anything specific I need to do for kidney support at this time?

As I mentioned above the the left kidney was not shown as an area of mention. The right kidney pointed out as not working as well as it could.  The energy of the adrenals were shown to be fine as well. Investigating a little further into the endocrine system these areas were pointed out to not be working as optimally as they could be. 

  1.  Right Kidney ( secondary endocrine function ) -the kidney secretes the endocrine hormone erythropoietin. 
  2. Pancreas -The alpha cells of the pancreas secrete hormones to maintain homeostatic blood sugar. Insulin is produced and excreted to lower blood sugar to normal levels. Glucagon, another hormone produced by alpha cells, is secreted in response to low blood sugar levels; glucagon stimulates glycogen stores in the liver to release sugar into the bloodstream to raise blood sugar to normal levels
  3.  Spirit did not show me any other challenges to address in your endocrine system 

Because the kidneys and the pancreas work so closely with sugar metabolism , I ask spirit how your diet over all was doing with sugar.  I was shown you have a good handle on your diet and that you are good about your sugar consumption.  Great job on that.  That is not something I hear often. 

The energy of the right kidney was shown to be stagnant.  Much like the energy of the appendix it was shown not to be utilized.  However the energy of the appendix was shown to be swollen ( not inflamed ) the energy of the right kidney was shown to be dense and small. Spirit showed me the areas on your body that would benefit from stimulation to help regulate the energy of the right kidney.  It is showing up on your ren channel below your belly button. More details below in spirit recommendations.  


Spirit Recommendations 

  1. Diet - The main thing spirit points out is maintaining hydration.  Not only drinking water but also consuming foods that contain a lot of water. Like lettuce, celery, cucumbers.  They are showing how it is very healing for your system to maintain the water/electrolyte balance. 
    • In general your body does better on a lighter diet. Spirit says a diet where you eat small meals throughout the day.  I am shown almost like snacking. Your body does really well with like palm sized meals. Once it digest , then you can eat again.  You are a light being.  Very high frequency and with that comes operating best when your body has opportunity to breath between meals.  Doing my best to explain this.  Small meals that are easy to digest because since you are a high frequency , light being , depending on the food you are eating it can be to low of density and doesn't feel good.  Food that contains a lot of water is best and easiest to digest for you. 
  2. Supplements - I am not shown for this to consume supplements. The answer I received was similar to the answer received for question #1.  The immune system and digestive system is working hard for you.  Supplements/herbs appear to be to aggressive to much.  You would be better off taking homeopathics.  Your body would do well with the energy of the substance rather then the physical substance itself. 
    • Spirit advised seeing naturopath, a doctor thats main focus is homeopathy. Homeopathy will work really well for you. ( I asked if I could give you specific instructions and went into a list of homeopathy but spirit was showing great success if you would work directly with a naturopath or a practitioner that focuses on homeopathics.) 
    • When homeopathics are introduced to your system I see the immune system greatly improving. After working with homeopathics your body will be able to utilize supplements and medication.  Around 6 months of utilizing homeopathics , I was told supplements can be slowly introduced. 
  3. Acupressure, acupuncture : 
    • Ren 4 , 5, 6, 7 : These particular points that lie below the belly button in the center of the body.
      • Acupressure means to massage the area for 1-3 minutes, you can either use direct pressure, have a massage tool to apply pressure or simply just massage the general area until the tension in the area completely releases. 


Please look to your download for more information found beyond your questions. 

It is has been an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for allowing me on your journey and for being apart of mine.  

Your guides and guardians are always with you helping you along life.  They look at you as divine and perfect.  Spirit only sees you as perfection.  They hear the areas you find to be out of balance and will work with you continually to bring the areas that you seek to a balance you desire.  Follow your intuition, follow your visions, listen to your body when something feels off and ask questions.


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