How EMF Affects our Wellbeing

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Question #1 

Is tongue cancer spreading into my tongue and/or elsewhere?

Question #2

Are emf's (electric & magnetic fields), coming from my tablet from being on the internet for 8 hours a day, causing a negative effect on my body/health?

Question # 3

Is my right lung having trouble recovering from the pleurisy I had earlier in March of this year?


Question #1 

Is tongue cancer spreading into my tongue and/or elsewhere?

Q1 Answer

I hold a lot of comfort when I get to answer questions like this - particularly because spirits answer to these questions bring it back to the fundamentals. Explaining once we understand the energy behind something,  understand that the body is ALL energy and what has help create the momentum behind the energy we can work at resolving it.  We are masters are creating, manifesting and manipulating energy all around us.  Some like yourself are just better at creating a certain type of energy.  Since the question was asked you announced to spirit ( in so many words) that you see it as an imbalance that you would like to receive answers too.   

Spirit showed me how the energy in your tongue. 

The more the build up of energy - the closer the relation to the energy of cancer. Spirit sees cancer simply as an area of the body where the flow of qi aka energy has ceased.   It is typically shown to me as shades of grey into black but for the picture I used blue, grey just to see a little better. 

In our physical body cancer typically creates challenge in the lymphatic system because the lymph help to keep the system clean by carrying out toxins from our body and protect against invaders by carrying that waste from our tissue to the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. So I asked Spirit to show me where and/or if the energy of lymphatic was challenged. 

  • The answer was yes and it was shown not to be working as efficiently all over.  

The lymphatic system unlike the heart does not have a natural pump.  It relies on a hydrated body, exercise, laughter, and deep breathing.  

  • I asked " I asked between staying hydrated , exercise, laughter and deep breathing - which would work the best to move the stagnation and free the lymphatic.
    1. Hydration
    2. Deep Breathing
    3. Exercise ( OUT SIDE ) - I was shown exercise inside was beneficial but not for the resolvement of your current energy. 
    4. laughter - depending on how you laugh this could be last or first.  Whole body laughing where you could even start crying is #1 - everyday laughing without feeling it in the whole body is still great but goes to #4 . 
  • I asked "what foods would best to recreate balance for this energy of stagnation? "  Answer was RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES.  I don't often hear spirit say " RAW" - it was the case this time. Spirit showed me the areas of inflammation cooling off like a time-lapse video when you consumed raw fruits and veggies.
  • I asked " What about supplements?" Answer - surprisingly enough Spirit showed the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables to have the only real effect on your constitution.  


  • What else has correlation to the tongue not receiving the proper energy flow?   The tongue is not the root cause - it was shown the tongue to have a direct chemical agitation to create the beginning of stagnation/inflammation but the main root to the hindrance of the energy flow was the heart chakra.  Spirit is explaining-  When your heart chakra is in balance its like a built in anti inflammatory.  Keeping an open heart naturally eats up the frequency that is not good for your body. 

 Keeping an open heart naturally eats up the frequency that is not good for your body.

I am shown you are kind, compassionate, and loving.  I am told you choose to block your heart very early in life. This was a choice because you felt so much - the good and the bad.  It was a way to not feel emotional pain. Because you are saying through your questions ( in so many words ) that you perceive the cancer on your tongue as unbalanced - Your guides are going to work with you on a regular basis on helping you to open your heart once again.  Your guides speak to you on a regular basis.  Consider the following:

 Visualize your heart being open and ready to receive all of life.  See it as a beautiful green emerald cooling off your entire body.  The emerald green is radiating out like the sun throughout your entire body and around your etheric body dissolving ALL energy/frequency that is not serving you. 


Question #2

Are emf's (electric & magnetic fields), coming from my tablet from being on the internet for 8 hours a day, causing a negative effect on my body/health?

Q2 Answer 

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to answer this question.  Seeing EMF in literature is a much different experience then when Spirit shows the multiple layers of how it affects the body.  The short answer to this question is , Yes. 

Spirit explained, " One of the heart chakras many abilities is to digest and dissolve all EMF waves.   As well, any other frequency or energy that creates unbalance to the body. "

  • In the scan of your body spirit pointed out your REN channel is not operating as optimally.   Think of the Ren channel as the second line of defense against inflammation after the heart. Third is the Lymphatic System. 

There are no supplement recommendations.  Just as in Question #1 Spirit suggest to help bring balance to these areas nutritionally to eat more Raw fruits and veggies.  There are no specific vegetables and no specific fruit.  Other then ideally , organic.  More life force/qi in organic.  However , conventional will work as well. 

Other ways to help balance out the Ren Channel :

  • Crystal Bowls to the note of #F ( note for the heart chakra) 
  • Open the Ren Channel with Acupressure or Acupuncture utilizing points:
    • LU-7 and KI-6.

    • To find Lu-7 interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other, the point lies on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.

Other Recommendations:

  • Loose hanging plants.  Plants with soft leaves where the branches will fall.  lol - below is a picture because I am struggling to describe this.  It doesn't have to be these exact plants. 

Question # 3

Is my right lung having trouble recovering from the pleurisy I had earlier in March of this year?

Q3 Answer

Spirit shared there are layers to this question.  So I started to ask further questions with the intention that you receive the clarity you are seeking.

  • I asked ," Is there still pleurisy in the lungs ?"

Simple answer, Yes.  I was shown how all three of your questions were involved with the lingering of the pleurisy.  Spirit shared so lovingly that this is the area of the heart chakra.  You naturally feel through your heart.  Literally , you. You feel the world and your surroundings through your heart and because you are a natural empath, regardless of closing your heart chakra you are still able to feel and sense the world.  Amazing.  Yet, the heart is never open up long enough to cleanse your aura field naturally.   I am seeing an flipbook array of opportunity spirit will guide you too to help open the heart if you so choose. Spirit is going to help you find many ways to help open the heart.  They show me you opening and healing in repeating patterns.  You will have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of heart opening exercises and healing.  Follow your intuition it is your guides showing you ways to bring the balance you are seeking. 


  • The energy of the thoracic vertebra appear agitated and I am shown a chiropractor could help alleviate the agitation.  It is not the root of the unbalance but as you are working on opening the heart and clearing things out , utilizing a professional adjustment to your thoracic vertebra was shown to be helpful. 
  • Continue with Raw fruits and veggies - this is going to help all areas of challenge return to balance quicker. 


Other areas found :

  • Both sides of the hips area above belt line was shown to have stagnation. Recommendation - Cupping is suggested.
  •  Free intro to Cupping Class to get your started : Intro to Cupping   ( This is on a platform called ," " - registration is free ) , I will be hosting a variety of other classes on this platform as well. 

  • The pineal gland was shown to be over-stimulated.  I was shown the energy of inflammation on the bridge of the nose radiating up into the pineal gland creating an over-activation. I was shown you prefer the third eye to feel the world rather than the heart chakra.  However, you are naturally inclined to feel from the heart.  As if you would rather see then feel.  Recommendation - Camping. I was shown to help balance out and soothe the pineal gland it requires to be in nature - surrounded by trees/woods. Not beach, but trees. 

Spirit wants me to let you know you are loved, you are always supported and they are with you always.  They do not see anything as being imbalanced - they understand what you consider to be imbalanced and they are here to guide you along the way to the life your desire.  We are all one.  Thank you again for allowing me on your journey. 



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