How Nutrition Can Work For Grounded Energy

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Please ask a ONE Direct Question you would like Spirit to Answer.

I feel healthy with no major concerns but is there any at this time I should be aware of and I would like to know the best direction of nutrition and any natural supplements needed to stay healthy.


Answer to Question :

I love these general questions.  It is how I originally started out doing medical intuitive sessions.  Just asking spirit what wasn't serving you.  In time I moved to asking specific questions because the more specific the question the more specific the answer and sometimes people wanted to know the details of the situation which I could totally relate and understand as well.  Again, though these general questions are fun because I get to share the overall.

With general questions I ask to be shown what areas are stagnant. Stagnant areas are areas that are not receiving as much healing as they could be. The energy is stagnant so the flow of qi is not moving as well created discomfort and/or could have the potential to create discomfort if left untreated.  All recommendations of things found will be at the end. 

#1 I was first pull to your back.  The left hand side from C1 - T2 with most stagnant energy at T1 and T2. This radiates out into your muscular tissue of your trapezius , rhomboid, and levator scapula.

The muscles along the spine which are the erector spinae are the most tense and pulling the vertebra over to the left hand side.  The energy to the right of the spine is not being shown. Just focused all on the left. Ending at the acromion process

The area of the erector spinae is the oldest area of challenge and is slowly engaging the the surrounding muscles.  

Your aura is shown to be totally clean other then a build up of emotional stagnation at this area. I asked spirit what emotion was being held here that needed to be released. The emotion was , Fear. I will talk more about this in the recommendations. 

Lets keep going ...

#2 I am now shown the front of your body.  T2 is affecting the second rib creating a pinpoint of stagnation.


This is another indicator to me that the root of the challenge is the area next to the spine.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine this point is the corresponding  Huatuojiaji point in location to the spine. Part of the dorsal primary nerve.  This area is basically .5 inch out from the spine off every vertebra but this area for you is just at T2.

#3 Moving down the body I was shown the energy of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is on your right hand side.  You are very healthy.  The gallbladder was shown to be underactive. The gallbladder is underactive from an over alkaline diet.  Meaning it's not getting enough stimulation to thin the bile to create proper elimination of bowels and detoxification.  You are very healthy - I will get into recommendations at the end. 

Over on the left hand side there is tension in your Latissimus Dorsi 

 This muscle is really interesting and effects a lot. It attaches to your arm , hip and spine.  The two areas of the Lat that I am seeing the most tension is by the hip ( iliac crest )  and underneath the left shoulder blade.   This area can be a referral point of pain from a organ challenge but yours I am shown from muscle tension.   Recommendations to resolve will be at the end. 

#4 Circling back around to the front of the body I am shown the energy of your sigmoid colon.  The energy matches that as if the sigmoid colon with a little larger which means you might find it difficult to go to the bathroom. When the sigmoid is wide it takes more fecal matter to collect before continuation of bowel movement will take place. The rest of your Colon is not shown to have the same imbalance.  Recommendations to resolve will be at the end.

#5 As we go down towards your legs there is tension on the lateral aspect of your thigh.  This is part of the IT band and it is showing bilaterally, which means on both sides.  The left side is more.  Due to the Latissimus Dorsi. The left lat is pulling your hip up , which then pulls the anatomy up of the whole left leg where the It band attaches to and affects the stability of your left leg. More pressure will be put on your left knee , ankle  and foot when walking.  Since it is a light challenge of tension this can be corrected easily. 

iliotibial band is a large thick band of deep fascia  that runs down the lateral surface of the thigh. It acts to stabilize the hip and knee, and originates from the gluteus  maximus and tensor fascia latae.  Those might sound like big words but it's just that sensitive tight band on the side of your leg that is important to keep flexible because it helps with a lot.  Since it helps with so much stability it also has the tendency to be tight and sensitive.   

Below the area shaded is the area of tension


Recommendations from Spirit 

I love hearing that you are feeling good with no major concerns. Doing your scan I didn't find any major concerns either.  Spirit shows me with shades of grey as far as how stagnant an area is.   Think of a gray scale from white to black.  Where Black is the energy I have been shown for some cancers and white almost transparent is shown to when someone is feeling good with no challenges in the area. Colors appear when there is lymphatic challenges, red for inflammation, blue for nerves.  When spirit is showing me the colors only show up when that function is the root of the challenge. For you it was just shades of grey meaning its a stagnation of energy in those areas.  The below recommendations were recommended from spirit to unblock / free up those areas if you choose.  Remember Spirit sees you as perfect regardless if you take all they have to share or offer or nothing at all.  They are here in support of you. 


  • Cupping - This modality will help with all the muscles I spoke of that were found : Traps, rhomboids,erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, It band.  
  • I have made a free cupping video to be watched to learn how easy it is to self cup.
  • Stretching - look up stretches that affect those muscle groups.  I asked spirit for how long would be best for a stretching routine and they explained a simple routine lasting all of 5 mins or 2 mins in the morning and 2 mins at night.  They explain they a basic stretching routine would do the trick.  
    • Tapping into your energy you do very much feel like a wind screen - meaning your energy flowed  nicely. 
  • I asked about passive ( having it done to you ) massage and energy healing. 
    • The response for both was interesting because they showed me you not needing those modalities. That doesn't mean you wont get benefit out of it mentally or it won't feel good. Your aura was shown to be clean other then the build up of energy at your neck. 
      • for the neck spirit recommend to release the attached fear to repeat :
        • I am loved
        • I am worthy 
        • I am free
        • I am abundant 
        • I am safe 
        • I am safe
        • I am safe
      • As you are speaking those word to tap from the top of your head to your temple, behind the ear, to the top of your shoulder, down your arm on to your hand and off your fingers. 
      • the key word is safe and they are showing me once your feel tears coming you have achieved removing the process of starting to heal. 
      • They were explaining make an intent and schedule yourself to do this 3 times on 3 different days.  You can do it multiple times in the one sitting until you feel the resonance of the words. 
      • Once that is completed passive massage will be much more beneficial. 

So Interesting! I know understand why sometimes massage works great for some people depending where they are at in their healing journey. 

  • General Full Body Acupuncture - Acupuncture will also work regardless if you utilize taping and the mantra first or after.  It will naturally reconnect you back to the area.  I do acupuncture so it's a modality I always ask about but it's not always will needed.   
  • Sound healing - Spirit shows me the sound vibration being really good for breaking up stagnation in your body.  You recieve sound healing well.  I asked spirit if this needs to be in person or with just an audio version.  The response was Audio is fine as long as it's with " good sound " , Pretty sure they mean with a good speakers/ stereo. Make sure the speaker isn't blown out that type of deal. Also you need to be laying down in a comfortable position


  • I ask spirit what diet would be most beneficial for you.  When spirit talks about diet , they talk about the energy of the person and what they can handle.  You have a grounded energy.  Being grounded means you can handle a large variety.  You utilize nutrition as fuel rather then it weighing you down when people are less grounded.  I love when I can give answers like this.  Even though spirit sees everyone as perfect when I see the energy of being grounded it is a lot less dramatic navigating the world because you can handle a lot more of what the world has to offer.  The basics of nutrition to keep your body in balance spirit points out is :
    • keep it organic
    • consume animal protein that is grass fed and free range,
    • wild caught fish
    • Refraining from processed as much as possible
    • coffee is fine, tea is fine - spirit explained follow it up with water.  Those being good unless it's all your drinking. 


  • Because you can handle a large variety of food.  Because food gives you energy , Because you are grounded in your energy ... Supplements will also work really well for you.  Sometimes spirit wants me to share for the person to only deal with homeopathics.  In your case real whole food nutrition is best. I love seeing this because I Looooooooooove supplements.  I have a masters in herbology and devoted a lot of time and energy into learning about the energy behind nutrients. So In regards to you - I am able to see how supplements really affect the body because of your energy.  You have this type of energy that process energy of food really well. I recommend Standard Process because its the brand I trust and rely on - If another brand resonates with you more go with that. 
    • This takes me back to your gallbladder and it being a little stagnant.  Spirit explains this happens when the diet is a bit to alkaline.  Needing more bitters to help stimulate the bile to move more freely. 
      • Cholacol - This will work in two ways , for your gallbladder because it using bile salts and for your sigmoid colon because of the collinsonia root which will help with the soft tissue in your colon to help resort the elasticity. 
      • Turmeric Forte  - This will help support your inflammatory process , Spirit suggesting this because you asked for " staying healthy ".  Explaining at the moment you are doing great this will help take extra stress off the system when ingesting processed / inflammatory foods.
      • epa/dha - This will help keep your joints lubricated and the fortify nutrients that help you stay in a good mood stable. 
      • Magnesium Lactate -  Magnesium has lots of great benefits from sleep, mood, bowel movements, bodily function in general.  They are showing it keeping your muscles and joints flexible. ( very interesting to see and feel the power of magnesium) 
      • Cataplex ACP  - This is going to help with your immune system but interesting Spirit is showing me how this is going to help keep your sinuses draining and clear.  
      • Regenaplex - This will help keep your hair, skin and nails strong and shiny. 

Wow, what a treat.  Thank you for your question.  I loved seeing how the supplements and whole food nutrition works on your body.  Just amazing. 

Your guides and guardians are always with you helping you along life.  They look at you as divine and perfect.  Spirit only sees you as perfection.  They hear the areas you find to be out of balance and will work with you continually to bring the areas that you seek to a balance you desire.  Follow your intuition, follow your visions, listen to your body when something feels off and ask questions.

It is has been an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for allowing me on your journey and for being apart of mine.  


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